I’ve given you a hard and fast list of 10 things not to do – how about things you should make sure to do? These 5 tips can make your visit a lot more fun and comfortable!

5 Tips for a Great Trip to New Orleans

1. Bring a portable charger for your phone.

There aren’t a lot of places with plugins for phone chargers. If you’re like me and don’t have the newest thousand-dollar phone with a 24-hour battery, you’ll need an easy way to recharge so you don’t miss out on taking photos.

If you forget your portable charger, stop in at a hotel – they’re great about letting you sneak a charge, but you should buy a drink from the hotel bar or something if you’re not a guest, just to be polite.

Make sure you sync your phone every night. I failed to do that on my first trip, and when I lost my phone I lost nearly all of the photos from my very first trip down. Anything can happen on vacation, this way you can at least protect the memories of your trip.

2. Stick to your budget by carrying a small amount of cash each day.

I like to budget that I can spend a certain amount each day, so when I go out for the day, I’ll take no more than that amount with me and leave my debit card behind in my room.

This way you don’t have to worry about overspending, losing your debit/credit card while out and about, or someone stealing your card number in the middle of your vacation.

Plus, when I underspend, that means more left at the end of the trip to really go crazy. Sometimes I’ll splurge for a hotel room, a nice dinner at Galatoire’s or some shopping.

3. Wear comfortable shoes.

The best way to experience New Orleans, even better than the streetcar in my opinion, is to simply walk around.

Why? You’ll meet more locals, which is by far the most fun thing to do in New Orleans. You’ll notice small businesses that you might not have seen flying by on the street. You’ll probably happen upon some kind of awesome event you had no idea was happening.

If it’s during the rainy season, you’ll definitely want something waterproof or at least water-resistant – you do not want to be walking through New Orleans puddles in flip-flops.

Orleans Shoe Co. is a great place to pick up something stylish but comfortable.

4. Don’t plan anything except your hangover.

Relax and go with the flow – it’s called the Big Easy for a reason. Be Easy!

Bring your favorite hangover cures – I always make sure I’m stocked up on eggs and bacon for breakfast in the morning, RipStix to rehydrate each morning/night, and Ameo CBD patches to relax me into sleep and ease my aches and pains after a rowdy day.

5. It’s easy to make friends in New Orleans: just put on a smile and say hello!

I’ve heard one of the easiest ways to spot a tourist is that they don’t smile and say “Hello!” when you pass them in the street. The friendliness of locals is one of the best things about New Orleans.

Do whatever you have to do to put yourself into a friendly frame of mind and walk around with a smile and the willingness to chit chat. You might be surprised how easy it is to make friends in New Orleans!

Share your favorite tips for having a good time in New Orleans with me in the comments below.

Published by Word Lady

A writer's journey all the way from Indianapolis down to beautiful New Orleans.

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